I.S.F. Québec

Speed up to 75 Mbps & Unlimited Data!

Unlimited Fixed Wireless Internet $/month + taxes Down Up Gb
Residential Up to Up to
Wireless Fiber 20 Package 59.00 20 Mbps 10 Mbps Unlimited
Wireless Fiber 40 Package 85.00 40 Mbps 15 Mbps Unlimited
Wireless Fiber 75 Package 109.00 75 Mbps 20 Mbps Unlimited
Installation 99.00 one time
Extra Cabling Cost (if more than 100 feet of Cat5 used) $0.5 per add. foot of cabling
Antenna included in your monthly internet package (property of ISF)
Router included in your monthly internet package (property of ISF)
Non-Standard Installation estimate to be given to Client for approval
Satellite Arm (if necessary) 20.00 one time
Fixed Public IP Address 15.00 per month
Snowbird option (Temporary Suspension of Service) 50.00 one time max of 9 months
Special Camera/Alarm Package 20.00 0.5 Mbps 5 Mbps Unlimited

Any questions? info@isfquebec.net or 1-833-533-1234, option 1

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  • All prices shown are plus applicable taxes.
  • Minimum one (1) year contract which is renewable automatically. See contract.
  • Why do we have to have a signed contract? It’s the law. See the Office de la Protection du Consommateur du Québec (OPC) link.
  • In case of termination, the Customer is responsible for the prorated refund cost, based on 12 months, of the subsidized accessories.
  • The antenna and the router remain the property of I.S.F. Quebec Inc.. The Customer has to return the equipment (antenna, router) to I.S.F. Quebec Inc. or mail it at the Customer’s expense at the mailing address indicated in the section, Contact Us. Otherwise, the Customer will be charged the total amount of a replacement value for new antenna and/or new router.
  • I.S.F. customers have to conform to the code of conduct. See code
  • If not, the subscription may be cancelled without any advance notice
  • In case of interruption of service, the Customer has to contact I.S.F. support, if possible, by email at support@isfquebec.net or call 1-833-533-1234, option 4 (support) so that I.S.F. can restore the service as soon as possible.
  • I.S.F. Quebec Inc. is not responsible for loss of internet service due to Hydro Quebec power failures; nor of any interruptions of service resulting from force majeure or other causes outside our control.
  • At no time is I.S.F. Quebec responsible for liabilities, financial loss or loss of data which the Customer or any user can undergo, either directly or indirectly, whatever the reason; in particular due to any interruption or lack of access to the internet or other offered services.

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  • Subscriber must have the internet package with I.S.F. Quebec Inc to have the VoIP telephony and/or IPTv (when available).